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Public Administration - Articles/Reports/Papers

Following links of the articles/papers/reports are useful for the preparation of Public Administration. Click on the links below to download the article on your PC.

UNDP Project on Economic Reforms in India: Pro-poor DimensionsSynthesis Paper
by Sujata Singh, Aasha Kapur Mehta and R.K. Tiwari, assisted by Vineeta Kanwal and Suparna Das (2006).
Economic Reforms in India: Pro-poor Dimensions - Health, Agriculture, Services and Infrastructure.
Series Editors: Aasha Kapur Mehta, Pradeep Sharma, Sujata Singh, R.K. Tiwari.

Edited Papers:
Gopal Kadekodi and Keerti Kulkarni, Status of Health and Medical Care in India: A Macro Perspective.

Arvind Badiger, G.K. Kadekodi and Nayanatara, S.N., Economic Reforms and Drug Policy: A Micro Level Analysis.

Gopal K. Kadekodi, Mallesh S.N. and Seema Hegde, What do the People Say About Health Care Facilities?

P.R. Panchamukhi and Nayanatara S.N, People's Participation in Health: Prepayment Mechanism Through Health Care Cooperative.

Vinod B. Annigeri, Private Doctors amidst Economic Reforms Reflections from a Survey and Vinod B. Annigeri and D.R. Myageri, Analysis of Budgetary Health Expenditure in the Public Sector using a Health Accounting Framework: Reflections from Maharashtra, Karnatak and Orissa.

Rama Vaidyanathan Baru, Privatisation of Health Care in India:A Comparative Analysis of Orissa, Karnataka and Maharashtra States.

Nayanatara, S.N, Economic Reforms and Health Sector in India with Special Reference to Orissa, Karnataka and Maharashtra: Reflections from NSS 28th, 42nd and 52nd Rounds.

Ajitava Raychaudhuri, Subcontracting and Economic Reforms in India with Special Reference to Agro-based Industries in India.

Gangotri Chakraborty, Land Reforms and Corporatisation of Agriculture.

Bindu Samuel Ronald, Market Access for Agricultural Products.

Jacob P. Alex, Disaster Management: Towards A Legal Framework.

Om Prakash Mathur and Sandeep Thakur, Urban Water Pricing: Setting the Stage for Reforms.

Om Prakash Mathur and Sanjukta Ray, Financing Municipal Services.

S.K.N. Nair and Saumen Majumdar, Chhatisgarh Infrastructure Report.

Mahesh Uppal with S.K.N. Nair and C.S. Rao, India's Telecom Reform: A Chronological Account.

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